The Ultimate Holistic Weight Loss Guide

  This guide is for the remedies and tools you can use for holistic weight loss as well as wellbeing during your weight loss journey. It is not a diet and exercise guide and you will… Continue reading

7 Holistic Ways of Unblocking Sexual Energy

As the days get lighter, the sap starts rising. If you are not feeling it, your body is not responding in time with the rest of nature. You could need a bit of… Continue reading

How Making That One Little Change Can Transform Your Whole Life

Have you ever wondered why you are stuck with the same crappy relationship patterns and that job you hate? Have you wondered why you can’t seem to get ahead or even break habits… Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Everybody Needs to Learn Energy Healing

What the fuck is energy healing? A scam, right? It sounds really woo and hippy…Haha! ‘Feel the vibes, man, and pass the ganja!’ Actually… no. And quantum mechanics is beginning to prove it. But… Continue reading

7 Long Term Strategies and 7 Quick Holistic Boosts for More Energy

What are your energy levels like? During the cold and dark winter months, many of us battle fatigue of varying degrees. It is harder to get out of bed in the morning and the… Continue reading

7 Keys to True Happiness

  Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. ~ Dalai Lama 1. Realise that you are responsible for your own happiness. The greatest source of unhappiness in the… Continue reading

Healing Crystals 101

Why would you use crystals for healing? Because they are natural healers, just like herbs. They are not inanimate objects but very much imbued with universal intelligence and created specifically to bridge the… Continue reading

10 Amazing Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

The father of modern aromatherapy, René-Maurice Gattefossé, allegedly stuck his badly burnt hand in an unlidded vat of pure lavender essential oil and accidentally discovered the healing properties of lavender oil which then lead to… Continue reading

5 Ways to Heal Yourself with the Power of Sound

  After a profound sound healing experience in Glastonbury in 2010, I have been in love with using sound for rebalancing my energy field. You already know the impact music has on your… Continue reading

How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel in 7 Simple Steps

  Did you know that 38% of people here in Britain believe in guardian angels? The number might seem surprisingly high today’s secularised society but many people who never set foot inside a… Continue reading

Day 1 – Take Back Your Power

WELCOME TO THE 30 DAY HOLISTIC CHALLENGE! All you need to participate is to follow the daily blog posts and keep a journal. There will be some exercises and experiments along the way… Continue reading

Download the 30 Day Holistic Change Challenge

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7 Gifts of Love to Give Yourself This Valentine’s

How are you feeling right now? Are you feeling well in yourself or is stress getting the better of you? Let’s focus on self-care and showing our whole being the love and appreciation it deserves… Continue reading

7 Health Benefits and 7 Magickal Properties of Pine

  Pine essential oil (pinus sylvestris) is one of my favourite oils to use in massage blends for tired and aching muscles after a tough workout session or run but it has many… Continue reading

Flower Essences to Support the Astrological Mercury

Mercury is the planet that’s associated with our thinking processes – its position in your chart (and the connections it makes to other planets, etc.) affects how you learn as well as your… Continue reading

3 Reasons Lightworkers Are Better Off Teetotal

Lightworkers are those souls who have incarnated on earth for the purpose of helping humanity evolve toward oneness and ascend from the third dimension. Some have incarnated on earth before and some (the… Continue reading