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My holistic change journey reads a bit like a Cinderella story. My mother left when I was three and growing up I suffered both mental and physical trauma which lead to chronic pain, asthma and depression. Of course, the fairy tale Prince in this story was never going to be another person… I found my animus and integrated the powerful masculine energy that became available to me once I no longer feared my own shadow stuff.

Besides 15+ years extensive holistic research, psychology and counselling studies, a year of physiotherapy studies and doing the full Spiritual Healer course with the NFSH, I gained in-depth insight into what allopathic medicine has to offer and what healing is not thanks to working as both a medical secretary at one of Sweden’s largest hospitals and as a freelance medical secretary for three years.

This site was created to help you become the captain of your own journey toward health and wellbeing.


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Lisa Frideborg

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